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Exhaust Hood And Range hood Info

Exhaust Hood/Rangehood info todays blog, we are putting alfresco exhaust hood/range hood design elements under the spotlight, exploring everything from the latest innovations and arrangement ideas to practical tips for making them work in your alfresco outdoor entertaining area . The useful hints and requirements to suit the gas laws…

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Waterproof UV stable outdoor kitchen cabinetry

Look no further Melbourne Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens Melbourne have a huge range of waterproof outdoor alfresco kitchens, we design, customize, custom make and supply all outdoor alfresco kitchens in Melbourne our showroom has innovative alfresco kitchens for you to see so weather you are after cabinets benchtops custom made barbecues…

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Beefeater BBQ Questions

Where should I locate my BBQ? Your BeefEater Barbecue is manufactured and approved for outdoor use only. Never operate the barbecue inside your home, garage, recreational vehicle, or any enclosed area. 1. Select an outdoor location safely away from any flammable or combustible materials and in a position where passers-by…

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Did you know that every state in Australia has its own Gas Safety Regulatory Body and its own set of gas laws?

Make sure you find out the gas laws of your state BEFORE you plan your alfresco kitchen. In Western Australia the governing body is Energy Safety WA. Energy Safety have strict laws which regulate the installation of barbecues in WA, particularly barbecues located in enclosed spaces such as alfrescos. Most…

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Men injured as bbq explodes

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Wood Fired Pizza Oven versus a Gas Pizza Oven

This is a big decision for many of our customers. Here are some points you might like to consider: Space: Wood fired oven are huge. Most are at least a metre in diameter, and often 1.5metres in depth. And remember, the lining is about 10-15cm thick. So even though the…

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Wood Fired Pizza Taste

Did you know that you can buy wood chips for your gas pizza oven? When the chips are heated they create a wood-fired taste for your pizza, just like a wood –fired pizza. It tastes really great, but saves you hours of cooking time! Several flavours of woodchips are available…

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Open grill or full hotplate?

About 70% of our clients prefer to have both an open grill and a hotplate. But about 30% of clients prefer a full hotplate. So how do you choose what’s best for you? Here are some considerations: Safety: most barbecues on the market MUST have an open grill so that…

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Should I buy a pizza oven for my alfresco kitchen, or should I install an underbench oven?

Here are some of the things you need to take into consideration before you make you choose either a pizza oven or an under bench oven: Do you want to bend down to put things in an under-bench oven? Do you have enough bench space for a pizza oven? Most…

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Can I choose any combination of hot- plate, open grill or wok?

Yes, you choose how you would like to con- figure your BBQ from the range of options. Additional costs may apply for non stand- ard arrangements.

2. Can I get a barbecue custom made to fit any area?

Yes, we are able to custom make our barbeques to any requested sized for an additional price. We have made barbecues up to 3 metres long.

3. Can I have a full hotplate on my BBQ?

Yes. The burners inside a BBQ require oxy- gen for combustion. This is why almost every BBQ available on the retail market must have an open grill next to the hotplate, it allows the oxygen to be sucked in through the vents in the grill. Infresco BBQs are designed with ventilation at the front and a flue space at the rear of the BBQ, allowing a solid hotplate while the burners suck in and expel oxygen.

4. How do I clean my BBQ?

Infresco BBQs are designed for easy cleaning. We have a channel running along the front of the hotplate with a waste drain hole leading to a tray beneath the BBQ. This tray can be removed for easy cleaning. We also have a range of cleaning products which are highly effective on barbecue hotplates and stainless steel.

5. Does my BBQ come with a lid?

Yes, unless you choose the optional roasting hood. Depending on the size and layout of your BBQ, you may receive one large lid or 2 or 3 smaller lids.

6. Does my BBQ come with a roasting hood?

We can manufacture a roasting hood to suit your BBQ for an additional cost. Infresco roasting hoods are designed to roll back as far as possible, so that fumes and smoke are sucked up by an exhaust hood. Most roasting hoods hang forward over the BBQ, forcing fumes and smoke out the front of the BBQ, making an exhaust hood useless.

7. Can my BBQ be placed in my existing cabinets?

Yes, you can purchase Infresco BBQs with- out buying an entire alfresco kitchen. If your cabinets are being manufactured sep-
arately, we recommend purchasing the BBQ first to ensure it fits in perfectly. Infresco BBQs are designed with “wings” to hang on the bench top, allowing air to move underneath the BBQ, which must be allowed for.

8. If I place a BBQ on a combustible sur- face such as timber cabinets, can it start a fire?

Yes! We have had several customers come to us after their existing alfresco area went up in flames. This is because their BBQ was placed on timber cabinets without any type of heat shield. Over a few years, the timber slowly dries out and can combust with the heat of the BBQ. A slow smouldering fire can result which can go unnoticed for days until it takes hold of your alfresco area. If you purchase one of our BBQs we can manufacture a heat shield for you.

9. What is Flame Failure?

Most retail BBQ burners do not have flame failure devices fitted. If the flame goes out or a knob is accidentally turned on, the gas will continue to flow and can result in ei- ther an explosion or asphyxiation. Infresco BBQs have flame failure devices fitted to every burner. If the flame goes out, the gas will automatically shut off within seconds. Also, to turn on the BBQ, a separate ignitor button must be pressed at the same time as the knob is turned. Whilst some domes- tic barbecues now come with flame failure devices, they are still not approved for indoor use.

10. What are the Energy Safety laws that apply to alfresco areas?

Firstly, you must determine if your alfresco area is classed as “enclosed” or “outdoors”. See the Energy Safety Website for more information.
If your alfresco area is classed as “enclosed” you must comply with the following:
I. Your BBQ must have flame failure devices fitted to every burner and be licensed for indoor use (be aware that there are some BBQs on the market that have flame failure devices fitted but they are NOT licensed for indoor use).
II. Your BBQ must have a commercial grade exhaust hood that moves a minimum of 2000 cubic metres of air per hour.
III. Your barbecue must be installed on a non-combustible surface

11. How are Infresco barbecues approved for indoor use?

Infresco barbecues are built to commercial standards. A governing body called IAPMO test and certifies all Infresco barbeques. Each BBQ is tested and approved before it can be shipped around Australia.
Your barbecue must be also installed by a licensed gas fitter. If it is natural gas it must be plumbed directly into the gas line (not a bayonet point).

12. Is natural gas or LPG safer?

Both natural gas and LPG have no smell. A strong odour is artificially added so that people can detect the presence of gas. Natural gas is very light and will float upwards and dissipate. It is less volatile than LPG. LPG is much more volatile and heavy and will sink to the floor. The slightest spark can ignite it. It is illegal to use a standard 9kg LPG bottle in an enclosed area.

13. What is the difference between a mild steel or a stainless steel hotplate?

Infresco BBQs use a half inch (12mm) thick machined mild steel hotplate as standard, although you have the option of stainless steel hotplates. Machined mild steel hot- plates such as this are used in almost all restaurants as they provide an evenly dis- tributed, solid heat. Stainless steel hot- plates don’t distribute heat anywhere near as well and tend to have hot and cold spots. They are also more difficult to clean than mild steel (think of any stainless steel frypans).

14. Will my hotplate discolour?

Yes, all hotplates discolour, whether mild steel or stainless steel. They can be brought back to close to their original colour using a scotch brite pad.

15. Will my barbecue rust?

No. Infresco BBQs use 304 grade stainless steel, which is a commercial grade stainless steel with a high nickel:iron ratio. The BBQs will not rust but can tea stain without the use of a stainless steel care oil. We prefer Wurth Stainless Steel Care Oil which can be purchased instore from Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens Melbourne.