Exhaust Hood And Range hood Info

Exhaust Hood/Rangehood info
todays blog, we are putting alfresco exhaust hood/range hood design elements under the spotlight, exploring everything from the latest innovations and arrangement ideas to practical tips for making them work in your alfresco outdoor entertaining area .
The useful hints and requirements to suit the gas laws for entertaining in an enclosed alfresco area or the boxed in alfresco kitchen that is getting filled with smoke and cooking fumes. This is where a quality rangehood comes in; these tireless workhorses extract the grease and airborne nasties from your outdoor alfresco kitchen’s atmosphere so you can cook in comfort.

We have design experts to reveal all so you can buy with confidence.
Contemporary outdoor alfresco kitchens to built in pool houses we have the answer for you

Exhausthood/Rangehood technology has improved significantly in recent years,They’re quieter {with the option of silent motors}, more powerful{we only use Italian or German motors }, and have the added convenience of touch control, multiple speeds and built-in LED lighting and even included the gas shut off valve that can directly talk to your bbq
our practically silent option thanks to the motors being located either in the roof space or outside the house rather than inside the hood itself
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