Smoke-less Fire Pits

Smoke-less fire pit

New to our range Smoke-less firepits feature a unique, highly efficient design to produce a cleaner burn with minimal smoke. They typically feature a double-walled design that allows smoke to rise through the gap between the walls and exit through air holes at the top of the firepit. 
This creates a two-part combustion process in which the smoke that results from burning fuel returns before it escapes into the air. Although these firepits might still release some smoke, it’s significantly less than that of an open fire pit, which means you don’t have to spend the evening moving yourself around to dodge thick clouds of smoke.

Circular Fire Pit

Perfect for entertaining, Marshmellow cooking and adding ambience in the colder months.

This stylish design is a great addition to your backyard.

We’re proud to be an Australian manufacturer launching our new range. 
Our range of quality fire pits is designed for the alfresco and courtyard areas.

Great place to have a catch-up.

Choosing Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens fire pits we can keep jobs here and custom-made to the wants and needs of our clients, With a matt black sleek finish on these mild steel fire pits.

We’ve designed our products for our fellow Aussies to entertain in your alfresco area and to bring family and friends together all year round while enjoying the warm nights in your outdoor backyard.

The top-selling feature is our fireplace that could be used for open-fire cooking.