Product Description

Output: 95MJ/hr
Weight: 71kg
Cast iron burners
Warming rack, Quartz start ignition, thermometer

Model No. BS12350

Please select LPG or Natural Gas

Your BeefEater Barbecue is manufactured and approved for outdoor use only. Never operate the barbecue inside your home, garage, recreational vehicle, or any enclosed area.

1. Select an outdoor location safely away from any flammable or combustible materials and in a position where passers-by are unlikely to be burnt, or meet with an accident. Keep the barbecue a minimum of 45cms (18”) from any combustible material.

2.Position the barbecue out of any direct wind which could affect combustion. This especially applies to the side burner.

3 Position the barbecue on a level surface. This applies to both mobile and built-in units.

Additional Information


LPG, Natural Gas