Did you know that every state in Australia has its own Gas Safety Regulatory Body and its own set of gas laws?

Make sure you find out the gas laws of your state BEFORE you plan your alfresco kitchen.

In Victoria the governing body is Energy Safe Victoria and is located Level 5/4 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006 and phone number is (03) 9203 9700 and if you need to email info@energysafe.vic.gov.au. Energy Safety have strict laws which regulate the installation of barbecues in Victoria and Melbourne , particularly barbecues located in enclosed spaces such as alfrescos. Most people are completely unaware of these laws until they have an insurance claim knocked back, or a council inspection. It can be very costly to ignore these regulations.

What to look for when buying a gas appliance

The right appliances

To protect your investment and safety, choose gas appliances that have been certified by the Australian Gas Association (AGA), SAI Global, IAPMO, Global-Mark, BSI. Previously, appliances may have been certified by Vipac.

Look for the certification label that indicates the appliance meets certain safety standards in its design and manufacture.

Appliance retailers are required to sell appliances that comply with the relevant safety standards, and have been labelled or badged to indicate acceptance under current standards.

Compliance marks may look like the following:

Gas Complianc eMarks

The right gas

Check the identification plate to find out if the appliance is suitable for the available gas. If in doubt, check with the appliance retailer, your gas supplier or your licensed gasfitter.

Natural Gas and LP Gas (LPG) are not the same, and operating an appliance on the wrong type of gas can be hazardous.

If you buy a second-hand appliance, always check the identification plate to ensure it is a certified natural gas or LP Gas appliance, and have it serviced by a licensed gasfitter when installed.

Never connect an LP Gas appliance to a natural gas supply unless it has been converted to run on natural gas – not all LP Gas appliances can be converted to run on natural gas. Conversion of gas appliances at your home from one gas to another must be done by a licensed gasfitter who is endorsed for gas conversion work.

Vic: www.esv.vic.gov.au
WA. www.commerce.wa.gov.au/energysafety
NT: www.worksafe.nt.gov.au/
SA: /www.sa.gov.au/OTR
QLD: http://mines.industry.qld.gov.au/safety-and-health/petroleum-gas-safety.htm
NSW: http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/
ACT: www.actpla.act.gov.au
TAS: www.justice.tas.gov.au

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Gas equipment and installations

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is also an energy safety regulator in Victoria. It is responsible for regulating domestic gas fitting installation work and the issuing of licences to gasfitters (as well as all plumbing and building work)