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After years of custom designs and solutions for customers alfresco areas by ways of competently removing grease and smoke from the cedar lined entertaining areas and working above the barbecue we are putting the alfresco exhaust hood/range hood design elements under the spotlight, exploring everything from the latest innovations and arrangement ideas to practical tips for making them work in your alfresco outdoor entertaining area .

The Infresco canopy alfresco rangehood is designed for use over your BBQ it have a stainless steel cone design or slim line 90mm profile and is ideal unit for any enclosed, indoor area incorporating an interlocking device for gas safety this simply works but turning the exhaust hood to a low speed and that allows gas to start following to the the bbq .

Constructed from heavy duty 316 marine grade stainless steel construction it is durable for all river and coastal conditions , sourcing powerful motors from Germany and Italy , using other quality components to ensure that your exhaust hood will keep operating for many years to come with its unique design it removes smoke and grease from your outdoor kitchen and this can be filters out the roof or in extremely sleek way of going out the back wall .
Features include state-of-the-art technology, exceptional performance, with the toughest durability, filters are dishwasher safe very easy to clean and with good energy consumption. The Infresco exhaust hood investment in quality and Engineering expertise and dedication to high end range-hood development has led to great advances in range-hood technology for enclosed rooms the average room size is 6 m x 4 m x 2.7 m and is approx. 65 cubic meters in total .

The exhaust hood function is to efficently remove the products of combustion that is created from the barbecue to ensure this happens there must be enough air leaving the building and entering the building. A totally sealed room will require the make up air, to allow, air back into the building, so all efficient infresco exhaust hood products must extract the approximately of combustion and are removed totally from within that space classification code that are our exhaust hood is complying with due to correct installation

Extraction Fan:
• A commercial style range hood/extraction canopy must be fitted above the appliance to provide adequate ventilation as Standard AS/NZS 5601 dictates.
• The extraction fan filter must not be closer than 1350mm to the cooking surface.
• The fan must move at least 2,000m3 of air per hour. Engery safety authorty in your state recommends the use of a 2 motor fan to achieve this flow rate.
• Not only will the fan remove any harmful products of combustion, but it will also stop grease and smoke from damaging the alfresco walls and ceiling.
The useful hints and requirements to suit the gas laws for entertaining in an enclosed alfresco area or the boxed in alfresco kitchen that is getting filled with smoke and cooking fumes. This is where a quality rangehood comes in; these tireless workhorses extract the grease and airborne nasties from your outdoor alfresco kitchen’s atmosphere so you can cook in comfort.

We have designers ,stainless steel welders and extraction experts to manufacture, extensively test and install in which we have the solution for you and can buy with confidence.
Contemporary outdoor alfresco kitchens needing grease and smoke removal for built in pool houses we have the answer for you

Exhausthood/Rangehood technology has improved significantly in recent years,They’re quieter {with the option of silent motors}, more powerful{we only use Italian or German motors }, and have the added convenience of touch control, multiple speeds and built-in LED lighting and even included the gas shut off valve that can directly talk to your bbq

our practically silent option thanks to the motors being located either in the roof space or outside the house rather than inside the hood itself
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