The renovation of the Alfresco area is an exciting process for showing the unique style and flair you can create for your alfresco space.
We live in Australia which is such a beautiful country with beautiful weather and environmental conditions these are significant considerations when planning your outdoor kitchen and how to maximize its use and potential for your household.

An outdoor alfresco kitchen expands your usable living space and allows you to cook, eat and entertain. A well-designed outdoor kitchen should allow you to enjoy cooking outside beyond the summer months. The best outdoor kitchens are as functional as an indoor kitchen and can be as simple as a barbecue, alfresco fridge and sink. Designing a generous and powerful outdoor kitchen is best left to a professional like the Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens specialists.

When planning the alfresco area you want to use your space wisely to maximize your entertaining area and keep the overall cost down. You may have heard of the working triangle but when it comes to the outdoor kitchen A straight-line or L shape angle space is all you have to work with, a smart design is crucial.

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Number 1 Tip Start from the ground up

You have just received your keys to the new house of your dreams and you have asked the builder to put in provisions for your alfresco area to have an outdoor kitchen, Most new homes with this request are fitted with the services of a crimped gas line, hot-cold water pipes, waste drain, and outdoor power points. After the builder has provided the services it is now an important element we must consider when planning the outdoor kitchen. If you are renovating with a new extension early consideration with a site consultation will greatly benefit your plans and project workflow.

Establishing the services of your outdoor kitchen is key to building the foundation of your space. Concrete floors and paving require forward planning and you will need to consider, do you want gas, water and power to the area. We suggest never placing all your services in one area and suggest deciding on which side you wish the sink and waste to be located on.
Pro tip: Get a free service sketch to give to your builder or tradesmen from Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens.

Number 2 Tip Location, location, location

Outside, undercover or enclosed alfresco area, deciding on the location of where you would like to entertain is the key to knowing what requirements are needed to comply with the gas strict laws in Vicotria and creating the perfect cooking space. If your area is more than 50% enclosed you will require an indoor area-approved barbecue and an exhaust hood that comes with an interlocking device. Undercover areas are all different and can vary with the severity of the weather, most alfresco areas in this location will be protected from the sun. Outside areas have a limited amount of options for appliances, benchtops and cabinet materials.
Pro tip: The Infresco Range of barbecues and exhaust hoods are commercial quality and comply.

The aesthetics and view from the house which is such an attraction to the alfresco area, Our designers find this the primary goal for the positioning of the outdoor kitchen is to integrate our client’s end goal with a functional design and practical use of space for the cook of the family to barbeque and entertain, With landscaping screening and such a selection of alfresco blinds and awnings. The outdoor kitchen can be used to provide great meals and beverages for entertaining and all-year-round use.

Number 3 Tip The Wall

Whether the Alfresco area is under the main roof line, patio, cabana, or in a pool house the protection from wind rain, and the intense sun is practical. we also recommend that the outdoor kitchen be safely secured to the back wall if the isn’t one already in place we strongly recommend contracting a half wall to be built to a minimum of 1200mm high. Therefore allows an option for a splashback and protection for longevity for the alfresco kitchen for years to come.

Number 4 Tip Tip Determine your Outdoor Alfresco Kitchen appliances

Consider how all the appliances will fit within the design plan, do you have enough room and what are you willing to substitute to complete all your outdoor kitchen sizes. Select from dishwashers, alfresco fridges, wok burners, sink sizes, barbecues, pizza ovens even a washing machine can be incorporated into the outdoor kitchen. Pro tip: The ideal working triangle places the sink, cooktop and food storage (like the refrigerator) in a triangle setting.

Choosing the appliances that are going to last 10 years minimum and cater to your family’s needs, this hot tip comes from our chef on staff when it comes to barbecue cooking it is important to think about how many people do you normally cater for? if it’s 1 to 4 people a 4 burner bbq is great if it is 5 to 8 people a 6 burner bbq is recommended Chef Cathy Solomons says. There are many built-in BBQs on the market at the moment ranging from all grills to solid hotplates. There have been a lot of heated discussions in the showroom over this topic but if you are going to build in a quality appliance with a bit of strength and durability is always a winner.

For family safety always look for a barbeque fitted with flame flaure to each burner .

Number 5 Tip Materials and Colours

At Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens Melbourne the materials and colour choices are outstanding and you will always find what you are looking for. The cabinets are constructed from all types of materials like stainless steel, fibre cement, brick and polymer. The door selections come from Laminex, Polytec, Polyrey, Stylite, all-glass suppliers and multiple types of wood (jarrah, cedar, tuart, more)
Pro tip: Colours will make and break the area, bring in a photo of your area to help make the right colour choices.
Understanding this is an investment and will increase the value of your family life and home. You only want to do this once and do it right. Please contact our friendly staff at to start on your new outdoor kitchen.

Furthermore, outdoor kitchen materials are the elements to consider, this is where design and durability need an in-depth outlook, A lot of external outdoor kitchens need a very heavy-duty material to withstand the harsh UV sunlight that can discolour and/or fade materials made from wood like soft cedar.
Stainless steel is the strongest robust option on the market if you are in a coastal or river environment with high salt content in the air this material is the best defence against corrosion.
Bricked-in or Fibro cement that can be rendered outdoor kitchens with stainless steel inserted doors and drawers are great if you are planning to incorporate a massive 500kg woodfired pizza oven that needs strength and full exposure to the elements.
For enclosed or undercover outdoor kitchens polymer cabinets are a cost-effective way to have a waterproof solution with alfresco durability and modern contemporary design aspect.

When it comes to outdoor kitchen design planning a trusted company will have you enjoying your alfresco kitchen for years to come.

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